Thru-Hole Assembly Services

RBD is currently manufacturing Thru-Hole printed circuit board assemblies to the IPC-610 requirement, in both leaded and RoHS specifications. We offer both fully automatic and semi-automatic insertion capabilities. Utilizing the Universal 6287A, axial components can be auto-inserted into your circuit board assemblies at a very high rate of speed and accuracy. High mix thru-hole production is built using the Contact Systems CS400C. We currently have 8 machines running two shifts, making it easy for us to handle small volume, quick turn or higher volume assemblies.

RBD’s capabilities include wave solder operation using the Hollis Future I machine, which can handle boards up to 18" square. Programmable selective soldering is handled by two Ace KISS 103 machines. This equipment offers fully automated selective soldering, whether it is solder side or component side, thus eliminating all hand solder operations.

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